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Alternative Technology at Home


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At my home near Ipswich in rural Suffolk, East Anglia, I have spent some enjoyable time on several projects to make us more eco-friendly and green living. None of them are going to save the planet, but every little helps. Renewable energy is certainly going to become more important in the future, particularly using small scale installations. Some of these projects are not strictly Alternative Technology, but here is a brief description of each of them, in the hope that you might be inspired to try some yourself, have fun and do your bit for the environment. 

Solar Power     I have three photovoltaic panels mounted at roof level providing electricity to charge a large carbon fibre battery bank in my workshop.

Grid Tie     How we can feed our own renewable energy back into the electricity grid.

Solar Thermal     My new solar hot water system, using evacuated tubes on a west facing roof.

Big Solar PV     I have finally taken the plunge and invested in a professionally installed 4kWp photovoltaic grid tied system.

Wind Power     I have a small wind generator in the garden which also charges the battery in my workshop.

Standby Lighting     The battery in my workshop is used to provide standby AC and DC lighting for the house.

12 Volt Lighting     If you don't want to, or can't use mains electricity, this could be the way to go.

Emergency Generator     A medium sized petrol generator provides an emergency electricity supply for the whole house.

Hybrid Car     I own a revolutionary Toyota Prius petrol/electric hybrid car.

Chicken Keeping     We keep several hens in the garden to provide us with delicious organic eggs.

Garden Water Pump     Water is pumped from a shallow well to provide water for the garden lawn and plants.

Rainwater Recycling     This is our method of using rainwater to flush two toilets in the house.

Loft Insulation     I have upgraded the insulation of the house by increasing the thickness of the loft insulation.

Solar Water Feature     We use energy from the sun to power a relaxing water feature.

Wood Stove     There is a nice cosy wood stove for heating the lounge.

Product Reviews     Our reviews of renewable energy and alternative technology products.

Private Sales     A page devoted to advertising reader's renewable energy items for sale.

Contact Us     Use this form to get in contact with us.

Links     Other alternative technology and renewable energy websites.

I'm on Twitter   Nice to have a rant occasionally!

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