Rainwater Recycling

I am now planning a method of using rainwater to flush two toilets in the house.

I had been inspired by the details at the Ecocentre which describe a method of using rainwater for flushing the toilet. Unfortunately this project got off to a bad start. I got a system working which pumped our well water up into an additional holding tank in the loft, which in turn supplied two toilets in the house with well water. Unfortunately although the well water is fine for watering the garden, the amount of sediment caused a high level of domestic disapproval as the toilet flushing water was a distinctly wee-like colour! When compared to the clinical whiteness of our new bathroom suite, a fast return to mains water was insisted on.

A water filter was installed in the system, but this lasted only one week before the water was again unacceptable. I have a cunning plan to install a large water butt fed with rain water as a more pure alternative in the future. This is just between me and you, OK?

The rainwater recycling project has moved a stage further on as I have acquired a 1000 litre tank and a 12 volt pump. Next on the shopping list is a float switch and we should be ready for the second attempt.