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UniSolar US-64 64W Solar Panel


The UNI-SOLAR US-64 solar panel uses UniSolar's proprietary triple junction amorphous thin film silicon cells. The cells are made in a patented continuous roll-to-roll deposition process on a flexible stainless steel sheet. The result is a unique, flexible, light-weight cell. The modules are exceptionally durable. They are encapsulated in UV-stabilized polymers and framed with anodized aluminium. A Galvalume steel backing provides stiffness. The polymer encapsulation includes EVA and fluoropolymer Tefzel, a DuPont film similar to Teflon. Bypass diodes are connected across each cell, allowing the modules to produce power even when partially shaded. Check the full specification data sheet.

These panels perform particularly well in low light conditions and I regularly see my installation producing 10% of rated output even when it is overcast and raining. This means that the module is particularly suited for the UK climate and if you have the space to fit several, my price is unbeatable!


Uni-solar US64 solar PV panel

Model: US 64
Rated Power: 64 Watts
Operating Voltage: 16.5 V
Operating Current: 3.88 A
Short Circuit Current: 4.8 A
Dimensions: 1366 x 741 mm
Weight: 9.17 kg
Warranty: 20 Year Limited


I did have a great special offer if you bought two of these panels shipped together. The price was 499.98 delivered to the UK mainland. That's only 249.99 each! Unfortunately these panels are no longer being imported into the UK, so I now suggest the more efficient latest Kyocera panels instead. See my Kyocera Solar Panels page for more information and full specifications

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