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Solar Mole Repeller


I have been plagued by moles in my garden and I wondered if there was a green solution. I found this solar powered mole scarer which emits a powerful sonic pulse into the ground which frightens the mole away without causing it any physical harm.




It is powered by a solar PV cell mounted in the top, which recharges a built in rechargeable battery. Mine works well even during the night after several overcast days, so there is plenty of power in reserve.


Solar mole repeller in the lawn


I suppose I could have researched the sonic technique used and constructed my own mole deterrent, but at around only 15 for this neat little unit it seemed pointless! 

I did consider a trap from the local garden centre for only 3, but my conscience thankfully influenced my decision to buy one of these clever devices instead. The traps I saw were very vicious looking and the poor mole would not stand a chance.

The best thing about this, is that it appears to have done the trick - moley has taken a hike to greener pastures. I think I will remove the deterrer, now it has done the job, as if I left it in position permanently, the moles might just get used to it!

Solar More Repeller

If you are also troubled by moles in your garden, you can find one of these solar mole repellers on eBay at a great price. Try one - the garden will look better without the molehills.