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Soladin 600 Grid Tie Inverter


I am now using this Mastervolt inverter to send my solar PV power directly into the house mains supply. If we don't use the power ourselves, then it is sent into the national grid. The unit has UK G83/1 certification which approves it for UK use.




I now have four Unisolar 64 watt PV panels on the roof and these are connected to the inverter in my workshop. Mastervolt have some nice free software which interfaces with the RS485 port on the inverter, via the PC Link, to give a display of all the parameters of the unit. This includes DC solar current and voltage and AC power fed to the grid. There is instantaneous and historical data and I have all this displayed on an old Dell laptop which only consumes 17 watts itself. It has been really fascinating seeing how much power has been generated from my home power station.

Soladin 600 in my workshop

The most power I have seen generated so far is 256 watts in early May last year. This was probably because two of the panels were brand new and they were giving more than their rated output. I can also switch my panels to charge my 12 volt battery supply in my workshop, which comes in very handy. I may expand the number of panels on my system later and if I do I will sign up for an export agreement with an energy company and then get paid for the surplus electricity I generate.

I am pleased to say that the Soladin 600 is now available in the UK for around 400.00 for others who wish to experiment with low power grid tie systems. Here is a link to the Mastervolt site for the technical specifications.

PC Link to connect the Soladin 600 to a computer

Buy this and other grid tie inverters by following this link