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Private Sales


Alternative Technology and Renewable Energy Items for Sale


If you want to advertise an alternative technology item or piece of equipment for sale, please contact me and I will list it below. If you have a photo of the item for sale it often encourages the buyer.

All the items listed are private sales from enthusiasts who have surplus equipment due to upgrading etc. Contact me in the first instance and I will put you in touch with the vendor.


Solar Boost 50

RV Power Products Solar Boost 50 MPPT PWM PV Solar Charge Controller. This is about 5 years old and identical to the pictured current model 50L by Blue Sky Energy. It is in excellent condition and can handle up to 50 amps at 12 or 24 volts. Input voltages up to 57 volts allow series connection of panels for less current with thinner cables. See full specification. All parameters adjustable. Full manual available as download. Totally reliable. 215.00.


Skywatch handheld anemometer. Ideal for checking wind speeds of sites, prior to installing a wind turbine. Stores maximum reading if required. Very good condition and hardly used with box and instructions. 20.00.