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Here are some links to alternative technology and renewable energy websites.


Greenphase    The UK Environmental Directory.

ATC    The Alternative Technology Centre in Yorkshire

Green Choices    Your one-stop guide to greener living

Earthscan    Leading sustainable development publisher

REA    The Renewable Energy Association

Jo Banthorpe Acupuncture    An excellent, very caring, local acupuncturist

Gas Bill    Hints and tips to save money on your gas bill

EcoDiy    A family in Essex showcase their Eco house

ReFocus    The International Renewable Energy Magazine

All-Energy    The Renewables Show in the Energy City

Green Cottage    Andy & Gaynor show what they have done in Lancashire

Big Green Gathering    5 day annual green camping event in Somerset

It's Not Easy Being Green Forum   Recent great BBC2 series forum

Navitron's Forum   Alternative energy supplier forum

Green Living Centre    The centre for green living in Ipswich

Alternative Energy    Paul and Deb show they are serious about renewable energy

Green House Effect    Colin and Patrick's blog diary of a greener lifestyle

Earthpeace    Energy for a living planet

From Greenhouse to Green House    Gerry Wolff's household greening measures

Micropower    Promoting the small scale generation of sustainable energy

Generate Electricity at Home    Information and guide with details of everything you need