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Kyocera Solar Panels


Kyocera's advanced cell processing technology and automated production facilities have produced a multi-crystal solar cell with an efficiency of over 16%. All modules are constructed using a tempered glass front, EVA potting and a PVF backing to provide maximum protection from the most severe environmental conditions. The entire laminate is framed in a heavy duty anodized aluminium frame to provide structural strength and ease of installation. Because of the efficiency of these panels, size is smaller than others and low light performance is excellent.

25 year power warranty: Power output for the KC series of mobiles is guaranteed to be not less than 90% of minimum rated power for a period of 12 years from the date of purchase and not less than 80% of minimum rated power for a period of 25 years from the date of purchase.

Kyocera Solar Modules

Kyocera Solar Panels - Superb Products at a superb price.


Solar panel model

KC 205GH-2P KC 180GH-2P KC 135GH-2P KC85GX-2P



Operating voltage

24V 24V 12V 12V 12V 12V 12V
Peak power 205W 180W 135W 87W 65W 54W 43W
Tolerance in output +10/-5% +10/-5% +10/-5% +10/-5% +10/-5% +15/-5% +15/-5%
Voltage at max power 26.6V 23.6V 17.7V 17.4V 17.4V 17.4V 17.4V
Current at max power 7.71A 7.63A 7.63A 5.02A 3.75A 3.11A 2.48A
Open circuit voltage 33.2V 29.5V 22.1V 21.7V 21.7V 21.7V 21.7V
Short circuit current 8.36A 8.35A 8.37A 5.34A 3.99A 3.31A 2.65A
Length 1500mm 1341mm 1500mm 1007mm 751mm 639mm 526mm
Width 990mm 990mm 668mm 652mm 652mm 652mm 652mm
Depth inc junct box 36mm 36mm 36mm 36mm 36mm 36mm 36mm
Weight 18.5kg 16.5kg 13.0kg 8.3kg 6.0kg 5.0kg 4.5kg
Data sheet PDF

Download Kyocera Solar PDF

Download Kyocera Solar PDF

Download Kyocera Solar PDF

Download Kyocera Solar PDF

Download Kyocera Solar PDF

Download Kyocera Solar PDF

Download Kyocera Solar PDF

Average price per panel including mainland UK delivery

882.00 768.00 607.00 391.00 341.00 261.00 234.00


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