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Solar Water Feature


Our water feature uses energy from the sun to provide a relaxing display.

The water feature has a small photovoltaic panel mounted inconspicuously among the plants on the patio. It powers a small underwater pump to provide a jet of water which cascades over some pure white pebbles and back into the reservoir beneath the ground.




I cheated on this one because I found a complete panel, controller and pump kit in B & Q for less than I could buy the parts. Check eBay auctions for solar water features Installation was easy using a ready made plastic reservoir with a lid and run-off area. The pebbles were placed carefully on top of this and the rest of the area was planted by my wife with blue slate chippings. The finishing touch was provided by a solar low voltage garden light in each corner of the feature. Check eBay auctions for solar garden lights .

The lights I got went wrong after a while, but I managed to repair them myself and have written a solar garden lamp repair guide, to help others with faulty lamps.

The pump also has LED illumination from just below the water surface giving a beautiful sparkling effect. The cat in the picture is Teddy, who thinks he is a pedigree, but actually he came from the Blue Cross Animal Rescue Centre in Felixstowe.






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